My Personal “Proof” of God

Melvin L Morse MD (

My Mentor, Frank Oski MD, at Johns Hopkins once told me of a miracle that happened to him: He then said, “I don’t expect you to believe my miracle story.  I do ask that you be aware of the ordinary miracles in your every day life”.

I would like to share with all of you a true miracle that happened to me tonight.  I don’t mean some sort of touchy feely, “oh look at the sunset”.  I mean a true miracle that violated the ordinary rules of nature.  Like most miracles, it was small, insignificant, and only has meaning for me.

It is easy to experience such miracles. Be very still and be aware of this amazing Universe we live in.  Be humble, and realize that much of our view of reality is created by our mind.  We are bombarded with millions of bits of information every second, through our five senses.  In order to make sense of this world, to learn the lessons of love we are mandated to learn, we must create a reality out of only a small portion of the total Universe there is to experience.

When I speak of “being still and aware”, I don’t mean act like some Guru or white robe chanting New Age priest.  I mean, be yourself, know who you are. In turn, you will learn to tune out the “noise” that your own personality creates, and you will hear and see many other wonders of the Universe.

People often ask me how can I remote view when I sit with Pauline in our living room, with the hum of the refrigerator, and the bubbling of the fish tanks.  Those are part of our lives, we listen carefully to them, we don’t screen or filter them out.  We have learned what they sound like, so that we can hear the chirping of the birds, or the bubbling of a brook at the site of a remote target.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a loud boisterous person. I have ADHD to the max, and live a full and tumultuous life.  I have virtually every problem you can imagine, all the big PROBLEM catagories, angry ex-wifes, ungrateful teenagers, IRS issues, pissed off Superior Court Judges, back stabbing colleagues I have alienated, research associates who are mad, hiding research data, and trying to publish behind my back.

So you can imagine the inner roar of internal noise, my left brain is an intellectual blast furnace, endlessly anticipating problems, churning out and discarding possible solutions, and creating problems.

I make no effort to quiet this internal noise. Instead, I learn to understand it, be in harmony with it, recognize it in all its dysfunctional glory!  In doing so, I am well prepared to hear the faint “ding” of the Universe, that often heralds a  miracle or an angel.


I went for a bike ride tonight, and encountered proof of god’s mischief and fun in my life.  I was giving my Phillies-Red Sox game tickets to my office Nurse as we are going camping this weekend.  I called her to arrange for giving her the tickers.  I left a message on her phone to call me, but not for an hour or so, as I was listening to tonight’s game on the radio while riding my bike.

So, of course, she called me right in the middle of the game!  I was so mad. My phone doubles as a radio station, so I had to turn off the game to get her call.  I said to her “Linda, I told you not to call me during my bike ride. Now for sure something great will happen while we are talking, and I will miss it (on the radio).”  We quickly agreed where we would meet the next day so I could give her the tickets.

But it was too late.  I put on my headphones, tuned in the radio, and Jason Werth had already hit a 2 run home run.  I called Linda back and said “see, god hates me.  The one time that you call, of course, was the time it interrrupted the game, and I missed out on the most exciting part.”

She laughed and said, “oh Dr. Morse, of course God doesn’t hate you”.  God loves everyone.  That was just a coincidence, or just bad luck. “hummph,” I replied, I wish I had never promised to give you those tickets.

I got back on my bike and put on my headphones and resumed listening to the game.  It is important at this point to know that I was listening to the game on my Iphone.  I was fuming about Linda and why she was so rude to call me during my bike ride especially since I was doing her husband a favor.

Suddenly I heard “and Jason Werth has just crushed that pitch, it’s going, going, gone to the second deck, a massive home run”.  That was my faint ding.  I was riding my bike, dealing with cars coming too close to the bicycle lane, thinking about why my office nurse was so rude, and yet still heard the game.

“That’s odd”, I thought.  Werth just hit a home run. Could it be another home run?  I got off my bike and looked at my Iphone.  Somehow, the audio part of the game was turned off.  The video replays were on, and there was a replay of Werth hitting his homerun over and over again. 

This could not have been some accidental malfunction, or somehow I pressed the wrong series of buttons.  To get from the audio portion to the video replay portion takes about 4 distinct steps.

For me, this was a miracle, a message from god. I jokingly said “god hates me” because I had missed that very play.  Suddenly my Iphone was playing the video replay of that very play, over and over again.  Had I not been listening, aware, even in traffic, bike riding, all the problems I was dealing with that day, I was even served a sub poena in a Court case earlier, my playful “fight” with my nurse, all of that, and yet I heard it: “something was odd, different”.

I could easily have missed this miracle.  I was only a few minutes from home.  I could have just become lost in thought, tuned out the game, arrived home and never realized that god was trying to have some fun with me.  Teach me a lesson in a playful way.

I know this miracle seems trivial.  For others, it is not proof of anything.  Just a malfunction in my Iphone.

For me, this miracle was so powerful, that I sank to my knees and prayed to a god I don’t believe in.  I cried out in joy and in astonishment, “thank you god.  I am the least of your believers, I don’t even believe in you or lead a spiritual life.  And yet you took a moment to play a game with me. Let your will be done in my life.”

And then I rode home. 


About Melvin Morse

Melvin L Morse MD, a former Pediatric Intensivist, was a pioneer in Near Death Research, particularly in children. His books Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light and Where God Lives: How Our Brains are connected to the Universe, are International Best Sellers. He has post graduate training in Neuroscience from the University of Washington. He was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the U of W for 20 years. He is a neuroscientist and Board Certified Pediatrician. Dr. Morse was honored by Best Doctors as being one of the best Pediatricians in America from 1996-2006. He has numerous teaching awards and honors. He has published extensively in the medical literature on near death experiences, consciousness, and Reiki/energetic healing. He currently is in part-practice of Pediatrics in Delaware. He and his wife run the SpiritualScientific Institute, a small consciousness research group. They have been honored by the World Health Organization for their recent research and are presenting at the upcoming Science of Consciousness 2011 Conference in Stockholm. Dr. Morse's current research interests include 1) Spiritual Neuroscience: an understanding the hardware of spiritual understandings 2) Controlled Remote viewing, which he considers to be a window into the near death experience. 3) The right temporal lobe, our "god spot" which connects our brains to the divine. This “god spot” has been more recently been extended by Mario Beauregard MD to be the “Spiritual Brain”. His book Spiritual Brain presents a greater understanding of our brain as a filter of consciousness. 3) Reiki and energetic healing 4) Applications of near death experiences to death and dying, hospice and our cultural understanding of death 5) Medical applications of remote viewing. Dr. Morse lives with his wife and two children in Lower Slower Delaware. He and his wife are one of the few civilian remote viewing teams in the United States.
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2 Responses to My Personal “Proof” of God

  1. Svetlana Bregman says:

    Thank you for your courage, excitement and kindness in posting this story. It is amazing and you are amazing for recognizing God’s communication with you in your life. I believe that God communicates with each of us in a way that’s unique and personalized, and we each have our own relationship with Him. And it is sometimes these seemingly ‘small’ miracles that are the most poignant and telltale signs that we have a relationship with God, full of love, wisdom, attachment, personal understanding and even humor.

  2. David Beazley says:

    Dr. Morse ,
    I am glad you noticed that God does exist even in the very trivial things of our life. My brother had passed away last year and i was very down and depressed , as i walked to the mailbox that morning before going to the last hospital visit when he died, I was overwhelmed by the strong scent of fresh roses it surrounded me ,now i live in a rural area and can see about 1000 yards all around me and there were no rose bushes or any blossom anywhere, to me this was God comforting me because the rose scent was familiar to when I was 16 at my fathers funeral service there were nothing but red roses and the scent was very strong ,the message told be that my brother was ok,he is with my father. that was all i needed for reassurance and like yours it was one of my own personal experiences of how God works and communicates to us.

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