Hawaiin Healer Kahuna Jim: Laughter and Lomilomi Workshop

Dr. Morse takes Kahuna Jim’s Laughter and Bodywork Workshop (Just for a laugh)

The gig is rigged. So laugh a lot. Laughter breaks the tension of not knowing” – Kahuna Jim

The laughter therapy and lomilomi workshop with Kahuna Jim

Partying with the Kahuna of Laughter himself, Harry Uhane Jim

I love this man, and his approach to body work and energy healing.  He strongly believes that everyone is a healer.  He does not teach specific techniques.  When he does energy and body work, everyone simply bellies up to the massage table and touches the person on it, and channels energy at the person anyway that they can, according to their own intuition.

It is interesting to compare Kahuna Jim’s teachings of “ancient Hawaiin wisdom” with Reiki.  Reiki, of course, is a highly disciplined Japanese energy healing practice, developed by Japanese military leaders over 100 years ago.  It is regimented, precise, and intense.  In contrast, Hawaiin Jim feels that we learn best through entertainment, and does not teach any specific technique or approach.

I took the workshop primarily to see if there were similarities with the disciplined protocol of controlled remote viewing.  In fact there were many. The same general principles underly Kahuna Jim’s ancient Hawaiin philosophy and the modern day Controlled Remote Viewing developed by Psychic Ingo Swan and Physicist Hal Puthoff.  I will comment on these similarities as I review what I learned at the workshop.


Huh, I hadn’t heard that before. I have heard children describe him as “nice” after their near death experiences. Pauline told me that Christ says in the Bible that he brings a sword to the world as part of his teachings. But funny?

Yes, Christ was funny he insisted.  He asked the 30 or so people at the workshop if they knew Christ was funny, and most raised their hands.  I suspect that they did so just to be polite, as no one could tell me even one funny story about Christ in the Bible.  Telling off his mother and brother when they came to bring him home sure wasn’t funny.  Getting nailed to the cross was not very hilarious either.

Nevermind all that, Kahuna Jim told me. “We start in the light, come to Earth where the Gig is Rigged, and return to the Light.” The Universe is funny, and fun.  We need to laugh a lot to break the tension of not knowing what or why we are here.

The first rule is to articulate what we are feeling, at any given moment. We must say it out loud.  This corresponds to the CRV rule of “objectifying all data”, meaning we should say everything we think out loud.

The second rule is “grant yourself the authority to be wrong”.  This corresponds to the second rule of CRV which is “be willing to be wrong” as the key to success.

Kahuna Jim emphasizes gratitude and grace as the keys to happiness.  The core imagery of his philosophy is to anchor heaven in space and time in this Earth, again very similar to the processes of CRV.

The key principles are 1) Affirmation-Doing 2) Declaration-Being 3) Proclamation-Manifestation.  This may be an ancient Hawaiin truth, but is also a Modern Physics concept of the processes of quantum theory a la Amit Goswami (the Happy Physicist). Goswami states the quantum principles are “energy into the process” (doing), then waiting (Being) then manifestation.

Odd how all these New Age thinkers seem to say the same thing.  Either they truly are resonating with some Universal Truths, or are reading the same scripted concepts.  I am suspicious the latter is true, as I heard these exact same precepts at a workshop given by a Peruvian Shaman who was also touring America proclaiming ancient Peruvian Truths.


Much of the day was spent with lengthy descriptions of various ways to induce the right brain state, but not actual practice in them.  CRV is far more practical and compelling.  The principle of CRV is that no specific altered state of consciousness needs to be engaged, as the right and left brain are functioning and giving input all the time.  So for CRV, there is only the process of sorting and organizing all mental thoughts, pictures, etc.

In spiritual terms, this could be described as realizing that God is always talking to you, that the faint sound of the Universe is always present, you only have to learn to recognize it.

Kahuna Jim then re-emphasized the main point of CRV: what he calls “truthful honesty”, for the remote viewer means “objectify all data”. This sounds easy, but it isn’t.  To fulfill this rule, you have to say outloud everything you are thinking, even those half formed thoughts, or faint impressions you are not sure are right, or meaningful, or coherent.  Often the greatest spiritual information is found by articulating half formed faint impressions of vague thougths and insights that you are certain are wrong!

Kahuna Jim teaches that everything, as far as you can see and feel is within (your mind).  This is the same principle as CRV.

He then emphasizes the concept of “top down causation”, meaning that first comes the spirit, and then the brain.  The body, according to Kahuna Jim is not having a spiritual experience, but rather the spirit is having a body experience.

Lots of talk about how we need to be patient, that our society is sick, out of balance, etc.  Only by understanding ancient Hawaiin truths can our society come back into balance.  I was not very convinced by this.  If it is true that our society is out of balance, sick, etc, perhaps it would make more sense to tune into ancient Celtic Truths, or ancient African Truths, truths that would resonant with our own heritage!  We have recently learned that non-Africans are 5-10% Neanderthal, so perhaps we need to re-learn ancient Neanderthal truths.  But White/African/Hispanic America may not resonate well with ancient Hawaiin truths.

In addition, I think many Americans might also be puzzled by Kahuna Jim’s insight that Jesus was a funny Dude.  I told my friend Cheyanne Luzader, who is head of Integrative Medicine at Beebe Hospital here in Delaware, that she needs to go on the road to Hawaii, proclaiming to them the wisdom and values inherent in ancient Lower Slower Delaware truths!

I did bring the Random Number Generator to the healing sessions.  The various healing sessions by lay healers, untrained, did not effect the data stream of the RNG at all.  In contract, Reiki sessions will quiet the electronic emmisions of the device and stop the electronic noise coming from it in a highly significant way.

I find it interesting that CRV, developed by the military, embodies the same principles as Lomilomi, developed by Hawaiin shamans.  Kahuna Jim is an authentic Hawaiin Shaman, and is linked to a long line of Shamans.  It confirmed by opinion that the military remote viewers are our society’s Shamans.  We are uneasy that such spiritual knowledge seems to be used for warfare and military purposes, yet that is the tradition use of Shamanic practices from ancient times.

I have a certificate, and am a Formal Lomilomi healer, although I haven’t tried to heal anyone with it as yet.  We paid the Kahuna Jim by check, and several weeks later learned that the check bounced! (we didn’t do this on purpose, it just happened) So it turns out the Universe is a pretty funny place after all.

(Click here for Kahuna Jim’s Website)

About Melvin Morse

Melvin L Morse MD, a former Pediatric Intensivist, was a pioneer in Near Death Research, particularly in children. His books Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light and Where God Lives: How Our Brains are connected to the Universe, are International Best Sellers. He has post graduate training in Neuroscience from the University of Washington. He was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the U of W for 20 years. He is a neuroscientist and Board Certified Pediatrician. Dr. Morse was honored by Best Doctors as being one of the best Pediatricians in America from 1996-2006. He has numerous teaching awards and honors. He has published extensively in the medical literature on near death experiences, consciousness, and Reiki/energetic healing. He currently is in part-practice of Pediatrics in Delaware. He and his wife run the SpiritualScientific Institute, a small consciousness research group. They have been honored by the World Health Organization for their recent research and are presenting at the upcoming Science of Consciousness 2011 Conference in Stockholm. Dr. Morse's current research interests include 1) Spiritual Neuroscience: an understanding the hardware of spiritual understandings 2) Controlled Remote viewing, which he considers to be a window into the near death experience. 3) The right temporal lobe, our "god spot" which connects our brains to the divine. This “god spot” has been more recently been extended by Mario Beauregard MD to be the “Spiritual Brain”. His book Spiritual Brain presents a greater understanding of our brain as a filter of consciousness. 3) Reiki and energetic healing 4) Applications of near death experiences to death and dying, hospice and our cultural understanding of death 5) Medical applications of remote viewing. Dr. Morse lives with his wife and two children in Lower Slower Delaware. He and his wife are one of the few civilian remote viewing teams in the United States.
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