I think that Sam Parnia is an awesome giant and it is amazing!  A few rounds of "I am not worthy" go to Sam Parnia.  Think about it, the United Nations, establishing the need for the new paradigm and 25 medical institutions involved.

 We all benefit from the AWARE study.  I had a researcher from Johns Hopkins contact me about near death research.  He may well have been motivated by the respectability the AWARE study has given the field. Well, actually he says he wasn’t! He wanted to use some pictures from my website to show people at his Church. I am not sure I agree with him.  I have been doing this for 20 years, and only recently, after the AWARE study came out, have I had so much interest in near death research from mainstream scientists.

I do think the AWARE study is doomed to "failure" in that it seems unlikely to produce the results that they are looking for.  For those of you who are unaware (hah, hah), the AWARE study videotapes events in emergency and operating rooms, and has signs and reader boards placed out of the ordinary field of view. If someone has an NDE and leaves the body, hopefully they would see something that later could be documented as truly outside the ordinary field of view. I say “doomed to failure” simply because most people who have NDEs don’t' really remember getting back in their bodies, and the AWARE study depends on them noticing and remembering signs and reader boards placed out of the field of ordinary view. Ken Ring did a similar study at the University of Connecticut a few years ago and had negative results.

Negative results of the AWARE study doesn't mean that NDEs aren't real, but it simply could mean that while experiencing quantum consciousness, you might not be reading and remembering a sign on a reader-board near the ceiling of the room. You might be trying to remember the essentials of quantum physics, as Tom Sawyer and others did, or "the light that told me who I was and where I was to go".

 The evidence suggests that the near death experience is a right brain phenomena, and as such they won't be able to retrieve left brain information such as words and numbers.  For example, Controlled Remote Viewers have long known they cannot retrieve letters and numbers as part of the experience.  The Brazilian Projectologists (Professor Vieira and his crew) report a similar phenomena, and have to train themselves to retrieve such information from the Out of Body State.

 But no matter, the study is for three years and another to write up.  By then it will have done so much good, and have so reinvigorated the field, that the results will not be as important as the study itself.

Furthermore, this has always been a difficult field to research, as your research subjects are on the Web, on TV, and commenting and criticizing your every move. Believe me, there are many times I long for my days as a Rodent Brain Surgeon. (just joking, kidding around)

 Virtually everyone has written to me expressing reservations against  the AWARE study and wanting me to speak out against it.  Hey, it's research, gang.  We don't know the results of research.  Instead of assuming we know the answer Dr. Parnia is going to come up with, why not relax and expect the unanticipated results that research often presents us.  What a concept, suspend judgment and analysis and let the Universe do its thing through Dr. Parnia. Wow, I am getting close to spiritual insights!

 Sam Parnia, I wish I could meet you and shake your awesome hand, you awesome giant. Dr. van Lommel is the other exciting event of 2008 with his new book and his ability to capture the imagination of the world. 

I do hope Dr. Parnia and Dr. van Lommel are working closely together as they hold the direction of this field in their collective minds at this time. 

The AWARE study explains why I am so interested in non local perceptions.  The success of the AWARE study depends on someone “seeing” something in the operating room that they could not otherwise see.  Yet as you can see from other areas of this website, we already can document that humans have that ability and learn the same lesson, simply by learning to remote view.