Angela Ronson: Part 4 Spiritual Survivor and Motivational Writer

Spiritual Survivor

Angela returned to complete chaos.  Her home, her former life, everything was gone.  She had to re-unite with her children, navigate uncaring government bureaucracies, figure out how to financially survive, continue with her rehabilitation, and deal with issues as mundane as she couldn’t get reliable access to the Internet.  Despair and bitterness constantly beckoned to her as an easy way out.

She started to write.  First of her experiences and story, later to inspire and educate others.  Like so many survivors of the near death experience, she returned with the clear message that there is “no other side”.  This life is the spiritual life, is the only life we have.  Of course consciousness survives the death of the body, her own coma and recovery indicate that.  However, she realized that so many are unprepared for this life.  She returned with insight and wisdom, and wants to share it with others.


This Part Four of Angela’s story will be constantly updated.  It’s purpose is to compile in one place the practice advice Angela has for us on surviving brain injuries and resources in the community and on the Internet.

Angela’s Writing

1.  Angela Ronson’s Home Rehab Program:  She searched the literature and consulted with the experts to come up with this most excellent most based rehabilitation program for traumatic brain injured patients and stroke victims.  This is what she does at home.  Click here for link

2. Comment on AFO splints

3. Blog on The Neuron Network: For Professionals.  Angela states her purpose is to speak for those who can’t. NeuroNetwork

4.  Angela writes on Neuroplasticity

5.  Angela writes in University of West Georgia Aneurysm and AVM Support Site on rehabilitation.  Click Here

6. Angela gives invaluable advice on Medicaid: (click here:) (Angela knows Medicaid especially California Medicaid)

7.  Angela’s New Blog: The Thoughtful Vegetable.  Excellent writing   Click Here

Angela’s Favorite Articles

1. Alternative Therapies for Brain Disorders

2. Brain Shows Neuroplasticity Article from 1969

3. Bradley Voytek Storing Phantom Images in the Brain

4. Tracking Recovery of Consciousness from Coma

5. Nice YouTube video on Neuroplasticity

Angela’s Favorite Links

1. She loves Posit Science and receives therapy through them.

2. A young researcher you haven’t heard of YET! Bradley Voytek

3.  A young researcher who will someday lead the spiritual  revolution.  He is the stealth bomber of the New Paradigm, low below the radar doing cutting edge Neurogenesis research at NIH  Yes, it’s the man embedded in God’s plan Jason Snyder: Functional Neurogenesis.

4.  The Dana Foundation: Gateway to Information on Brain Research

5. The Brain Detectives: Blog from Montreal Neurological Institute


1.  Angela thank you for being my friend. You are a strong person especially with your struggle on your rehabilitation. Also for having all of your websites with information and spiritual guidance. We have similar goals which to help others which gives us the strength to continue with what we are doing. I believe that I was given a sign (seeing The White Light) to help and educate others which is what this group is for. You have passed very helpful information here. I applaud you for your knowledge of information and helping us.
God bless you Angela,
Joe  Martin

2. “Angela’s training as a therapist and Behavior Specialist gives her the knowledge to give us this update from the point of view of an Evaluation on this point of her recovery.  Vegetable? I think not”  Jim Craft University of West Georgia

About Melvin Morse

Melvin L Morse MD, a former Pediatric Intensivist, was a pioneer in Near Death Research, particularly in children. His books Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light and Where God Lives: How Our Brains are connected to the Universe, are International Best Sellers. He has post graduate training in Neuroscience from the University of Washington. He was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the U of W for 20 years. He is a neuroscientist and Board Certified Pediatrician. Dr. Morse was honored by Best Doctors as being one of the best Pediatricians in America from 1996-2006. He has numerous teaching awards and honors. He has published extensively in the medical literature on near death experiences, consciousness, and Reiki/energetic healing. He currently is in part-practice of Pediatrics in Delaware. He and his wife run the SpiritualScientific Institute, a small consciousness research group. They have been honored by the World Health Organization for their recent research and are presenting at the upcoming Science of Consciousness 2011 Conference in Stockholm. Dr. Morse's current research interests include 1) Spiritual Neuroscience: an understanding the hardware of spiritual understandings 2) Controlled Remote viewing, which he considers to be a window into the near death experience. 3) The right temporal lobe, our "god spot" which connects our brains to the divine. This “god spot” has been more recently been extended by Mario Beauregard MD to be the “Spiritual Brain”. His book Spiritual Brain presents a greater understanding of our brain as a filter of consciousness. 3) Reiki and energetic healing 4) Applications of near death experiences to death and dying, hospice and our cultural understanding of death 5) Medical applications of remote viewing. Dr. Morse lives with his wife and two children in Lower Slower Delaware. He and his wife are one of the few civilian remote viewing teams in the United States.
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