Angela Ronson Part 1: Not a Vegetable at All, but a White Crow

Melvin L Morse MD (

William James, the great psychologist and spiritual researcher said his investigations were often the search for the “white crow” that proves that spiritual realities are real.  He meant that although conventional wisdom was that all crows are black, all it takes is one white crow to prove that other realities exist.  In spiritual research, the search for the “white crow” has come to mean the search for that one case that proves beyond a doubt that consciousness can exist beyond the brain and body.  The late great Ian Stevenson told me when I started as a young near death researcher, “Melvin, find that white crow that proves NDEs are real, and you will prove that consciousness survives the death of the body.

I have found my white crow.  She is a 40 year old woman named Angela Ronson.  She suffered a massive brain bleed from an AVM, in 2002.  She writes about her experience in the Journal Stroke Connection with the headline “What Kind of Vegetable Am I?”.  (Stroke Connection: American Heart Association Affiliated Journal July/August 2009: For link to Stroke Connection Website  Click here For link to article Click here For seven years, Angela was in a coma, waxing and waning, often in a “semi-vegetative state”.

THE WALLED IN ALIVE DISEASE! (French term for locked-in syndrome)

Angela Ronson is living proof of functional neurogenesis

Angela Ronson

For two years, Angela suffered the “locked in syndrome”!  This is a horrifying condition in which the patient is conscious and yet has lost virtually all motor function.  Very few of these patients recover any motor function, much less walk, talk and basically function normally, as Angela does.  Some patients with locked-in syndrome have to communicate with the outside world by sniffing or blinking their eyes.  Angela is a regular and avid participant in Twitter! (angela70).  Yet she has bitter memories of hearing her family and physicians talking about her while she was in coma, describing her as likely to be a vegetable for the rest of her life.

Angela’s miraculous recovery and return to full health has been nothing less than heart breaking.  Prior to her stroke, she was a highly educated woman with a Master’s in Special Education and a Program Manager for Early Intervention  projects. Since she was not expected to survive, after she returned to complete consciousness, she discovered she had lost everything.  As in everything she owned, her personal possessions, her pictures, clothes, her home, her savings, every scrap of anything having to do with her former life.  She lost her children to Foster Care with the State, and her own sister had to fight for a year just to get custody of them, while Angela was in coma. 

After her coma, she had to start her entire life over again.  Her children, who are teenagers, could hardly remember her as a Mother as she was in coma for so long.  She currently lives independently and supports herself as a Professional Writer.  Yet she still only sees her children part-time, and feels she has lost them as well as everything else she lost.

There are only a handfull of patients who have recovered from such prolonged comas.  Most of those, after awakening, oddly enough died soon afterwards.  Most of the rest were left with profound handicapps, unable to walk or even move their limbs.  They suffered the horrible consequences of not moving, being fed by a tube, and complete inactivity for years.  The great majority of these patients often wish that they had simply died and never recovered, as their life after years of coma is so limited and painful.

Yet Angela is an alert lively woman with a great sense of humor and determined positive outlook on life.  She is actively blogging and tweeting.  She primarily is helping others to have a positive outlook on brain injury and stroke.  Most of her blogs give  practical advice on rehabilitation and dealing with the government.  She has developed an impressive network of cutting edge brain researchers, and is particular well versed in functional neurogenesis.

Her extraordinary recovery and what she has done with her life after seven years of coma (and semi-coma) is one of the most inspirational stories I know. 

(To be continued)

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You’ve Had a Near Death Experience: Now What?

Melvin L Morse MD (

QUESTION: I would like to tell others about my near death experience. Should I work in a hospital or work with the dying to help to teach them what it is like to die?

ANSWER: When adults have near death experiences, it typically causes profound changes in their life as it radically changes everything about their world view.  It is one thing to believe in god, it is quite another to float out of one’s body and have a direct conversation with a “god” or “guide” or “being of light” that is just as real as any other experience.  As one young girl told me about her near death experience, “I wasn’t dead at all, I was alive!”.  Another child told me that she was never so alive as during the time “I was dead”.

This experience of being very alive and conscious just as we are in this life is extremely surprising and disorienting.

It is only natural that after having a near death experience, one wants to share this experience with everyone, to tell everyone “yes, yes, it’s all true, you don’t die when you die, but you learn how to love, how to live.”  One boy told me emphatically that “you have to tell all the old people about what it is like to die”.

So, what should you do?  This blog is in reply to the question of what is the best way to share the information of the near death experience with the rest of humanity!  A reader specifically asked me, “should I volunteer at the hospital, or otherwise work with the dying to share with them what dying is like”.

VIDEO OF TRANSFORMATION OF NDE(Click here)  We learn they have an appreciation for the ordinary struggles of everyday life.


1. TAKE SOME TIME JUST TO UNDERSTAND THE EXPERIENCE: First of all, take some time, as in years, just to understand the experience and process the changes within your own life.  Many people get divorced, change jobs, and are in a state of chaos after the experience.  Obviously you are not going to be able to help others, when you are still trying to understand what happened to you.

Divorced After NDE video (click here)  Starts Gifted Child Institute After NDE video (click here)

2.  BE AN EXAMPLE TO OTHERS, BUT DON’T TRY TO TEACH THEM: If you have a natural gift for working with the dying, or have always wanted to volunteer at a hospital, then by all means do so.  But don’t do it just to share your NDE with others.  Do something that you love, that brings out the best in you, that makes your heart sing.  If others wonder why you have blossomed, they will ask you and that is a wonderful time to share your experience.  One of my good friends quit his job as an Accountant after his NDE and became a real estate agent.  Selling homes was a way of connecting with people.  Sometimes wondrous conversations came out of such experiences.

3.  WE EACH HAVE OUR OWN LESSONS OF LOVE TO LEARN: The near death experience teaches us that life is for living and the light is for later.  We each have our own individual lessons of love to learn.

  Having an NDE is somewhat like being a grandparent.  As parents we make mistake after mistake, until we finally get it right, usually just about the time our children have grown up and left the home.  We are left with all this knowledge of what we should have done, and could have done, and could have done better.  When our children then have children, there is a natural urge to tell them how they should do it, so they don’t make the mistakes we made.  We want our children to benefit from our unused wisdom.

Yet new parents have to make their own mistakes.  Grandparents do best when they are available for consultation but not constantly nagging or pointing out how things should be done. 

So it is with the near death experience and our lessons of love.  Those who have had this profound intervention at the end of life (and lived to tell about it) then naturally want to share with the rest of us.  Yet we know that the NDE is extremely personal.  It is specifically designed to teach us our lessons of love, in fact your near death experience may be completely meaningless to others. Video (click here)

4.  WE ALL HAVE A JOB TO DO, WE ARE ALL PART OF THE MIX NO MATTER WHAT OUR SPECIFIC ROLL MAY BE:  The reader’s question was whether or not she should work in a hospice or hospital to share her understandings from the NDE with others.  In fact, there are so many opportunities to share this knowledge.  It is best if we are patient, don’t force anything, and let the Universe come to us and teach us what to do next.


I wrote a book called Transformed by the Light in which we studied both children and adults who had the transformation of the near death experience.  One young man told me that he was sent back to Earth to do a job that was very special.  I asked him what this job was, thinking that he was going to say that he would start a Church or find a cure for cancer. 

He looked at me and was very annoyed. “I already told you what my job is. I run a construction company.  I have six employees. Those numbnuts would have no idea what to do or how to do it if I wasn’t around to help them”.  He perceived the BIG MEANING of his near death experience was to run a construction company.


Another adult was a child when she had her NDE.  She told me that she learned that she had a very important mission in life. I asked her what it was.  She replied “actually, I have no idea. I just know I am part of something very important. Maybe I will never know.  Maybe I will be walking across a street, and a car will slow down for me, and that will cause a lot of other things to happen and it might then save someone’s life.  I don’t think we ever know why we are important, but all of us are.”

Video Each of Us is Indispensable to the Creator (click here)


My study of adults who had NDEs either as adults or children showed that they helped others the most just by being themselves.  Just by being a loving non-judgmental person, just by roll modeling unconditional love.  If your bliss and sense of obligation draws you to working in a hospital or with the dying, then by all means do it.  But only if it is part of who you are.  Paul Carr NDE video: Life is a School (click here)

Pauline worked for many years as a checker in a Grocery Store.  Everyone wanted to be in her check-out line.  Sometimes the other checkers would be doing nothing, and a line of 5 people would be patiently waiting for Pauline to check out their groceries.  She spent a little time with each person, a smile, a comment, some special remark that would light up that person’s heart.  She made a difference as a checker in the Grocery Store.  It was work she loved to do, and felt was god’s calling for her on this Earth.

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Healing Grief with Meditation/Ritual

Melvin L Morse MD (

Previously I wrote about a woman whose son had died several years before.  She was searching for understanding of his death, even though he appeared to her nightly at the foot of her bed.  His nightly message to her was “Please stop crying Mother, I am okay now”.  She ignored and dismissed these visitations as crazy or dreams, and instead searched for an authority to explain her son’s death to her.

I devised for her a meditative strategy which worked, to help her understand her son’s death.  This strategy is based on my understanding of the neuroscience of spirituality, as well as techniques I have learned from Shamans, therapists, controlled remote viewing, and healers.

First I will tell you the exact strategy, and then in a later blog I will discuss how I came up with it and its neuroscientific and shamanistic rationale.

The strategy was this:  I asked her to develop a daily ritual based on some aspect of her son’s life with her.  This could be anything so long as it had meaning for her.  She chose to spend 1/2 hour thinking about him, in her kitchen, in mid-afternoon.  She chose this because when he would get home from school, they frequently talked for 30 minutes or so.  She commonly had a snack for him.  I asked her to make him a snack, just as she had done when he was alive.

1) I asked her to keep a journal of all her thoughts during this ritual period. She was to speak to him out loud, even though no one was present.  I instructed her to not judge or analyze anything she thought or felt during this period of time.  I asked her to ask him, the Universe, god (as she believed in god) or anyone else, any questions she had.  She was to write down both the questions and answers.  Again, the only rule was that there was to be no judgment or analysis during this period of time.

All judgments and analysis of the situation are to be listed in a seperate area of the journal, under the heading judgment and analysis.

For example, a sample entry would be as follows:

Date: Wondering over and over again why I let him go out that night (the night he died in a motorcycle accident) Can’t seem to stop thinking this same thought over and over again.  Journal this, exactly what thoughts.  Try to say them outloud as they are written.

Then “it must be my fault he died”. This is a judgment and to be placed in separate section of the book.  or “well he was 18, he really came and went as he pleased”.  This is analysis, and also placed in separate section.  Or “my friend said it was meant to be”.  This is analysis and to be placed in separate section. Or “it was just an accident, it couldn’t have been prevented”.  This is both judgment and analysis and to be placed in separate section.

Then “I miss him so much, I cannot bear this grief”.  This would be journaled.  “This is unbearable, I want to die myself.” This would be in main journal.

2) Before going to bed at night, while very sleepy, then think or ask a specific question, from the heart.  “Why did you die?”, “Are you in heaven”, are example questions.  They must be sincere questions from the heart.

When she woke up in the morning, she was to immediately write down the very first thought that she had, regardless of whether it seemed to have anything to do with anything at all.  Not the second or third thoughts, the very first thought.

3) Throughout the day, when she had obsessive or retetitive thoughts about her son, I asked her to again write these thoughts in the journaling section of her journal.  I also asked her to say them outloud.

I asked her to again write in the analysis and judgment section of the journal any thoughts that fit those catagories.

4) I asked her to have her husband help her with this process of sorting and organizing her thoughts into primary thoughts and grief reactions, and secondary judgment and analysis of her situation.

“I am crazy” for example, is a judgment.  I am thinking about my son too much is analysis.  Writing the actual content of obsessive thoughts is for the journaling section.  Any internal commentary on those thoughts is for the judgement and analysis section.

5) I asked her to see and take her journal to a counselor in her hometown.  Compassionate Friends has a national network of grief experienced counselors.

So, this Meditation/Practice is as follows, in summary

1) Create a ritual for talk to the deceased on a regular basis.

2) Journal, separating feelings and immediately thoughts from judgements and analysis.

3) Before bed, as a sincere question from the heart. Write down the first thought in the morning, regardless of its content. (Even if it’s “I have to go to the bathroom”, whatever it is)

4) Say thoughts outloud, ideally.  Read the journal outloud from time to time. Show the journal regularly to someone compassionate and loving and ask for help in the sorting and organizing of the thoughts.  See a counselor if possible.

From this regimen, unexpected and unanticipated solutions will come.  Be prepared for odd, even humerous insights that lead to a solution or resolution. 

In this particular case, this mother slept that night peacefully for the first time in over 2 years. She did not have trouble sleeping again, and was well on her way to healthy grieving for her son within weeks.

Melvin L Morse MD

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Non Local Perceptions in the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Melvin L Morse MD (

How could understanding Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) possibly lead to treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS)? That certainly seems like an amazing stretch!

In fact, once we understand the basic neurobiology of PTSS coupled with recent advances in Neuroscience in the past 10 years, it becomes immediately obvious that this is an incredibly exciting area to pursue research of PTSS.

Consider the following:

(Please note – for this discussion, I will use terms such as the “mental imagery” of the NDE, or the area of the brain linked with non local perceptions and abilities.  In this blog, I am developing a practical strategy for the treatment of PTSS.  It is my opinion that, in this context, it doesn’t matter if the NDE is “real” or if localizing the phenomena to a specific area of the brain makes it “just in the brain” for some people.  We must become more tolerant and accepting of everyone’s opinions and belief systems concerning a hypothetical “god”.  I want to devise strategies for treating PTSS using the lessons of the NDE.  I want to be able to use them to treat people who don’t believe in a “god”.  I want to use them in treatment facilities which reject the concept of a “god”.)

1. Near death research clearly documents that the same traumatic event can result either in PTSS or the positive transformation seen after near death experiences.  The only difference in such cases is the presence or abscence of the mental imagery of the NDE.  This tells us that mental imagery protects the mind/brain from PTSS in certain situations.

2.  PTSS is caused by complex webs of neurons which contain the information of the trauma, emotions, chance associations, fear, and anxiety.  Seemingly insignificant triggers can activate the entire neural network, creating the relived trauma of PTSS.

3.  Brain imaging studies show us that remembering an event seems neurobiologically identical to experiencing the event.  For example, seeing an apple and remembering seeing an apple seem to activate the same neurons in the brain.

4.  Recent research documents that the brain is both capable of healing itself with new brain growth as well as rewiring itself.  It is known that virtually all human experience results in rewiring of the brain.  The new brain cell growth is in the hippocampus, the same area of the brain responsible for memory and sense of self.  Anxiety, depression and alterations in a sense of “meaning” are all localized to this area.

5.  Non local perceptions and abilities such as meditation, near death experiences, spiritual experiences, and controlled remote viewing have also been linked to deep right temporal lobe and right hippocampal areas of the brain.

6.  Since virtually all human experiences are capable of rewiring the brain, then meditation, controlled remote viewing, out of body perceptions and spiritual experiences, being human experiences, are also capable of rewiring the brain.

7.  The current theory of treating post traumatic stress syndrome is to be able to access the memories of the experience in a loving nuturing situation, and re-evaluation them and re-catagorize them.  This process can be used, for example, to uncouple the non-traumatic triggers of the neural web from the traumatic memories.  Also it can be used to re-interpret the traumatic event, such as placing it firmly in the past and unrelated to possible future experience.

8.  One reason, for example, that the NDE is protective against PTSS is the out of body component to it.  The patient sees themselves as being “kept safe in a sea of love” and dissociated from the body.  The memories and events of the trauma can be objectively looked at and processed.

9.  This process could be re-created through meditation, controlled remote viewing, or other mental techniques known to facilitate a sense of being out of the physical body and emmersed in a loving light that inspires immediate trust from the patient.

10.  The newest techniques in facilitating neurogenesis and rewiring the brain would be initiated during this same treatment period.

In theory, this would recreate for the patient the protective events of the near death experience, or at least a loving and therapeutic environment where the traumatic memories could be therapeutically processed.

Melvin L Morse MD

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NDE Required to Rule Ancient Egypt?

Warning: This blog really contains rank speculation, and lots of fun!  On the other hand, I published this first in Closer to the Light almost 20 years ago. I have gotten dozens of letters which go like this: “I am a big smart person who knows all about ancient Egypt, and this is all bullshit.” I then write back to them, and say: I will buy you dinner for two at your favorite restaurant if you will tell me EXACTLY what facts are wrong, and your references.’ So far no one has earned that dinner.

(Although Eugene Williams, a modern version of an ancient Egyptian King, might do so, as he is the most knowledgable person on Egypt I inow.  How about this Eugene, I will buy you dinner at a moderate priced restaurant (less than $100, if you will review this, and comment, right or wrong!)

Deep in an underground chamber, a solemn group of men are seeking guidance from death.  They are dressed in white, and chanting softly around a casket that is sealed with wax.  After nearly eight minutes, the casket is opened.  A man who has been nearly suffocated, is revived with fresh air.  He tells the men surrounding him what he saw.  If they approve of what they hear, he lives, and becomes the King of Egypt.

Sounds like a hippie cult in Southern California? A new way to get high. Not at all.  This was the cult of Osiris,a small society of men who were the priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt.  This account is an actual description of their rites by Egyptologists.

Each King was supposed to be a direct re-incarnation of their first King Osiris. This ritual was their initiation into becoming a King. My guess is that many slaves perished while the Egyptians experimented with the precise length of time to seal the would be King in the air tight container, and still survive.

How Did They Come to Learn This Initiation Into the Light?

If this were something that the Egyptians just stumbled into, or learned from other cultures, then we would find a record of it in other civilizations of the time.  But this initiation rite appears to be unique to the Egyptians.  It is stunning how quickly Egyptian civilization exploded into history fully formed at the apex of sophistication.  Their technology has only been rivaled in current times.  Their physicians were sophicated, understanding germ theory and surgery.  They had the full range of specialists that we have today. Herodotus even made the same jokes we make today, when he said that the Egyptians have a physician for the right leg and one for the left leg!

In our modern day scientific arrogance, we tend to dismiss ancient histories and myths as fabrications.  Yet archeologists have documented again and again that these ancient stories frequently contain startlingly accurate information.

In Egypt, there is the myth that an advanced civilization existed inland.  From this advanced African civilization, came Osiris and Thoth, sailing down the Nile, to Egypt.  They brought with them the secrets of astronomy, medicine, the law and agriculture.  Herodotus acknowledges that Egypt was far more advanced in these areas than Greece at the time he visited Egypt.

Herodotus traveled inland and continually heard the same stories and myths about an advanced civilization, “of magicians” and a high degree of culture.  He did not find it,  but recorded the oral history of many different tribes and places in Africa, all saying essentially the same thing.

The human brain has existed in its current form for at least a 100,000 years. Why are we so quick to assume that they were primitive and incapable of creating advanced civilizations. 100,000 years is long enough that many such civilizations in Africa could have existed.

Perhaps Osiris and Thoth came to Egypt with the knowledge of a previous advanced civilization, as well as the knowledge of the means to induce the NDE as an initiation for the would be King.  Given that the transformation of the NDE is greater love, wisdom, empathy, and heightened intellectual abilities, it would certainly make sense to force the New King to have an NDE before ruling Egypt.

Did Moses Slay the Last of the NDE Kings

Well a lot of “ifs” and speculation here, but this is a distinct possibility.

1) The early Egyptians who knew the secret of the Osiris Initiation were overrun by foreign invaders from the North, called the Hyksos.  After many hundreds of years, they were expelled.  During this period of time, the secret of the Osiris initiation was lost, and Kings no longer underwent this initiation.

2) No one knows if the Hyksos were the Jews.  The events in the Bible are not supported by other archeological findings, or writings.  However, there is discussion of one or even two great Exodus’s of the Hyksos, in which they were forceably expelled from Egypt.  Egypt was then ruled again by home grown Egyptian Kings.

3) The Bible speaks of the Jews being slaves and freeing themselves and leaving.  The Egyptian record of the Hyksos is that they were unwanted and hated foreign invaders who were overthrown through military action.

4) Everyone agrees that the early Egyptian kingdom was unusually peaceful and civilized.  The early Egyptians were completely unprepared for war, and unable to defend themselves against aggressors, as they were too peace loving.  If you have ever been to a IANDS meeting (the International Association of Near Death Studies, you will understand.  Such people could create a wondrous society for themselves, but totally unable to even comprehend why others would want to kill and enslave them!)

5) When the Jews left Egypt, Moses killed the pharaoh of the time, and the pharaoh to be.  The priests were also slain.  There would have been no one left to remember the precise details of the NDE ritual.

6) It is historically true that during the time of the foreign invasive, the Osiris initiation was abruptly stopped, and never resumed.

Should Our Leaders Have a Similar Initiation?

There can be no doubt that the spiritual and intellectual transformation of the Near Death Experience is powerful.  Our modern resuscitative technology and brain imaging could perhaps make this a very precise tool to induce wisdom and spiritual knowledge in our leaders. 

I have no doubt that @LordKhem, someone I follow on Twitter would be delighted, in the name of science, to undertake the mission of bringing back the initiation ceremony of Osiris!  There can be no doubt that the NDE initiation of the Egyptian Kings was an integral part of the corpos of knowledge upon which the greatest ancienty society in history flourished.  Ancient Egypt existed as a great civilization for THOUSANDS of years. Think about that.  Look what we have done to ourselves after a little over 200 years.

@LordKhem has over 8500 followers, most of them delusionally believing that he is in fact an ancient Egyptian King.  Simply because his “avatar” is of an Egyptian god.  As one of them said tellingly, a picture doesn’t lie.

  @LordKhem is extremely (and properly so) proud of Egyptian civilization, and the great civilizations of Africa which preceeded it.  I suggest that all his followers get together and create a great piece of performance art and re-enact the initiation ceremony of Osiris.  If he survives, he should then be immediately made Vice President of the United States, or the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

What do you say, oh great @LordKhem.  Are you game?

Melvin L Morse MD

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Neuroscience and Spirituality: Introduction

@Jsnsndr For Dummies: An Introduction

Melvin L Morse MD (

(Please note Dr. Snyder has absolutely no responsibility for the content of this blog.  I am using him as an example of a cutting edge brilliant neuroscientist and my opinion of how his work will transform spirituality as we know it)

The Mind controls the brain.  This is an obvious but often overlooked fact.  You decide if you are gong to take a nap, that decision triggers massive changes throughout your brain.  You decide if you want to read, causing activity in the left side of your brain.  If you play music, now the right side is working and the left relatively quiet.

If you are a Reiki healer, or having sudden intuition, you are using your brain.  If you are a police officer in a life threatening situation, and you suddenly had an awareness of being out of your body, and see something in that out of body state that saved your life, you have just used your brain.  If you are a Shaman, or a remote viewer, or have had a transforming spiritual experience, you have used your brain to have these experiences.  If we can use the mind to heal, we must also use our brains. 

Consciousness came first.  Yet it is expressed in this reality through our bodies and brains.  When you think a mean thought, you shower your body with hundreds of neuropeptides that act in virtually every area of your body.  The same thing happens when you think a happy thought.

Isn’t it time we learned how to use our brains to maximize our spiritual potential?  I am tired of the “Wow” of spirituality, case studies of miraculous healings, stories of remarkable personality transformations and the like.  I want to know how to do it.  I want to know the “How” of how to use our brains to best understand intuition and spirituality.

The United States Military takes psychic and spiritual issues seriously.  Through rigorous study and training, blending physics, science, and brain science, they can do astonishing things with the mind.  Why hasn’t the civilian world kept up with these new understandings? For a simple reason.  If you are going to rely on information from a remote viewer to rescue a hostage, you want to make sure that this is something real.  We don’t take spiritual healing as seriously.  It is sequestered in a little Office of Alternative Medicine, put in the same category as massage therapy, music therapy and herbal baths.  It isn’t “real” medicine.

Understanding the neuroscience of the past 20 years will change all that.  Right now, our research team can remote view and  identify plants infected with viruses similar to the AIDS virus and hepatitis C, with 92% accuracy.  Why would human trials be any different.  How did we do it? By understanding the neuroscience of spirituality.

Aren’t you tired of hearing that it’s “just the placebo effect?”  Hey, 12% of patients who have placebo rubbed on their scalp will grow hair! Don’t you want to know how that works?  Aren’t you tired of reading about how severe eczema patients will respond transiently to hypnosis? Haven’t we heard enough that patients who dissociate can either develop or cause allergies to disappear when they dissociate, and it’s just in their minds?

Well, if the placebo effect and dissociative mental events that effect the body are “just in the mind”, then they are also “just in the brain”. Let’s figure out how it works!

I will be writing a series of blogs on Neuroscience and spirituality.  There is a growing consensus among serious scientists that the brain itself is not adequate to describe consciousness.  This information is not yet fully appreciated by physicians, alternative health care practitioners, or the general public.  The profound revolution in brain science in the past 20 years has profound implications for spiritual practice, energetic healing, religion, faith, and medicine.  Yet the general public still perceives science and spirituality as being separate.  Far from being separate, we can now look to science to guide us in many of spirituality and religion’s most vexing issues.  These series of blogs will address these issues.  Ultimately I will transfer them to essays for my website, and a book.  For now, these blogs serve as a rough format, and my hope is that others will comment and contribute.

Much of this revolution in brain science began in the early 1990s with work done by Karl Pribram on neural networks.  An astonishing conference was held in the early 1990s, the proceedings of which were published under the title Rethinking Neural Networks: Quantum Fields and Biological Data.Dr. Pribram and Sir John Eckles were the guiding mentors of the conference. Contributions were made in areas of nanotechnology, perceptual processing, and the neurodynamics of consciousness.  The word “quantum” was thrown around a lot, as it was in the 1990s, as a catch all to explain the unexplainable.  Regardless of the accuracy of the perception that quantum processes can explain brain function, these papers are important in that they clearly state that previous efforts to explain consciousness fails.  A dramatic new approach is needed.

The momentum of this initial conference has continued.  Most recently, Robert Lanza, one of the brightest physicians alive today, published an article in American Scientist outlining what he calls Biocentrism.  By this he means that consciousness is a fundamental property of the Universe.  The material world evolved to support consciousness.  He considers time and space to be “tools” of the brain, in its work of integrating consciousness with this material reality. Robert Lanza is one of our top scientists in cloning research.  Within a decade, we may be able to grow a Universal blood supply and grow organs for transplant in the laboratory because of his research. I am glad he is also thinking about consciousness and spirituality, given the ethical implications of his research.

In June, 2010, mainstream scientists from all over the world will meet at George Washington University School of Medicine to discuss brain science and consciousness.  The fact that the meeting is organized by the US Spiritist Organization is astonishing.  The Spiritists are an organization of scientists and physicians, primarily from Brazil who believe that spirits are real forces in this reality.  That such a group could attract major scientists who are only being paid expenses to attend shows how deep this new understanding of the brain has penetrated into the scientific world.

Why am I calling this effort @jsnsndr For Dummies?  Dr. Snyder is a post PhD fellow at the National Institutes of Health.  He studies the hippocampus of man, specifically neuro-regeneration.  This means new brain cells growing within the brain.  Not only within the brain, but the specific area of the brain having to do with memory, learning, our sensory stream of information from reality, and in turn time and space.

(Please note: Dr. Snyder has nothing to do with this blog. I have no idea if he shares my ideas.  He may be a rigid materialistic thinker of the Old School for all I know.  It doesn’t matter. His research typifies the type of cutting edge research of this century that will ultimately revolutionize spirituality.)

Think about it.  An area of the brain having to do with memory and learning.  That doesn’t mean much to the average person reading these words.  That’s why I am calling this For Dummies, after the popular “For Dummies” books.

Our personalities, who we are, are all about learning and memory.  If we did not have continuity of memory, we would not be the unique persons we are.  Mediums, who purportedly contact the Dead, are claiming to access the memories of Dead people.  Those who have near death experiences say that they learn something at the end of life.  Regardless of what they learn, the fact that they are conscious and learning something implies the hippocampus is involved.

Memory and learning!  The hippocampus has been called “the man in the machine”.  Who we are, our dreams, our aspirations, our sense of connectedness to life, has everything to do with memory and learning.

If this new understanding of the brain has anything to do with god and spirituality, then the hippocampus is where we need to look first.

I picked @jsnsndr simply because I follow him on Twitter.  We must personalize this new science of spirituality, in my opinion.  I am tired of the “great man” or “guru” approach to spirituality.  One message of the New Paradigm is that we are all directly connected to a “god” or source of spiritual inspiration.  For too long, we have depended on charismatic individuals who tell us what to think, what is right, what is wrong.  I even cringe at the Depok Chopras and Michael Sherman’s of our current society.  To be sure, they do good work.  But they in turn have inspired people who study them, instead of studying this new information on how science can help us understand our own spirituality.

We live in exciting times.  This is not the time for dogma, or to blindly follow our elders or those who have gone before us.  This is a time for new thinking and new approaches, combining ancient wisdom with new science.  I recently reread The Mysteries of the Mind, by Wilder Penfield.  Perhaps we need to go back several generations, to learn again from giants like Penfield, to understand this new science.

Yet the dry academic approach will not work either.  My approach is a different one.  My wife and I have simply decided to let all you in on our live, see for yourself how this information has effected us, as normal ordinary human beings.  So far, it has worked.  I am thrilled at the letters and emails I get that both tell me how wrong we are and yet how the information we shared meant something to the writer’s life in their own personal terms.

New mediums such as Twitter encourage this blend of personality and information being shared.  I don’t want to be a “guru” in this field, even though I published four best selling books.  It is precisely because I published four best selling books that I see clearly the limitations of that approach, that one person has all the answers.

I don’t have all the answers, or even all the questions.

So, I picked on Jason Snyder because he is on Twitter and for me, is a symbol of what spirituality will look like 20 years from now.  We must move from the WOW to the HOW.  We must learn to use this new information to transform our spiritual practices and our medical system.

Sam Harris wrote an astonishing book The End of Faith. He is both a neuroscientist and religious philosopher.  But he didn’t tell us what will replace blind faith in authority figures.  Hopefully, @Jsnsndr will begin to show us what the future will look like.

Check out Jason Snyder’s website at It may not seem like the spirituality you are comfortable with, but it is the building blocks of the spirituality of the future.

No worries, I am going to explain it all to you.  Once you understand it, in plain English, soon,you will be talking in tongues, raising the Dead, remote viewing your neighbor’s bedroom, and healing your Uncle Mike of lung cancer.  Well, maybe not yet.

But you will certainly understand your own spirituality better. You will be able to understand what is an intuition and what is a fear anxiety based decision. You will be able to understand your own spiritual intuitions, visions and dreams. You will be able to sort out what part of them was from a “god” and what part you just invented to make sense of it all!

Wow, all that, and Dr. Snyder has really cool pictures on his website too!!

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Hawaiin Healer Kahuna Jim: Laughter and Lomilomi Workshop

Dr. Morse takes Kahuna Jim’s Laughter and Bodywork Workshop (Just for a laugh)

The gig is rigged. So laugh a lot. Laughter breaks the tension of not knowing” – Kahuna Jim

The laughter therapy and lomilomi workshop with Kahuna Jim

Partying with the Kahuna of Laughter himself, Harry Uhane Jim

I love this man, and his approach to body work and energy healing.  He strongly believes that everyone is a healer.  He does not teach specific techniques.  When he does energy and body work, everyone simply bellies up to the massage table and touches the person on it, and channels energy at the person anyway that they can, according to their own intuition.

It is interesting to compare Kahuna Jim’s teachings of “ancient Hawaiin wisdom” with Reiki.  Reiki, of course, is a highly disciplined Japanese energy healing practice, developed by Japanese military leaders over 100 years ago.  It is regimented, precise, and intense.  In contrast, Hawaiin Jim feels that we learn best through entertainment, and does not teach any specific technique or approach.

I took the workshop primarily to see if there were similarities with the disciplined protocol of controlled remote viewing.  In fact there were many. The same general principles underly Kahuna Jim’s ancient Hawaiin philosophy and the modern day Controlled Remote Viewing developed by Psychic Ingo Swan and Physicist Hal Puthoff.  I will comment on these similarities as I review what I learned at the workshop.


Huh, I hadn’t heard that before. I have heard children describe him as “nice” after their near death experiences. Pauline told me that Christ says in the Bible that he brings a sword to the world as part of his teachings. But funny?

Yes, Christ was funny he insisted.  He asked the 30 or so people at the workshop if they knew Christ was funny, and most raised their hands.  I suspect that they did so just to be polite, as no one could tell me even one funny story about Christ in the Bible.  Telling off his mother and brother when they came to bring him home sure wasn’t funny.  Getting nailed to the cross was not very hilarious either.

Nevermind all that, Kahuna Jim told me. “We start in the light, come to Earth where the Gig is Rigged, and return to the Light.” The Universe is funny, and fun.  We need to laugh a lot to break the tension of not knowing what or why we are here.

The first rule is to articulate what we are feeling, at any given moment. We must say it out loud.  This corresponds to the CRV rule of “objectifying all data”, meaning we should say everything we think out loud.

The second rule is “grant yourself the authority to be wrong”.  This corresponds to the second rule of CRV which is “be willing to be wrong” as the key to success.

Kahuna Jim emphasizes gratitude and grace as the keys to happiness.  The core imagery of his philosophy is to anchor heaven in space and time in this Earth, again very similar to the processes of CRV.

The key principles are 1) Affirmation-Doing 2) Declaration-Being 3) Proclamation-Manifestation.  This may be an ancient Hawaiin truth, but is also a Modern Physics concept of the processes of quantum theory a la Amit Goswami (the Happy Physicist). Goswami states the quantum principles are “energy into the process” (doing), then waiting (Being) then manifestation.

Odd how all these New Age thinkers seem to say the same thing.  Either they truly are resonating with some Universal Truths, or are reading the same scripted concepts.  I am suspicious the latter is true, as I heard these exact same precepts at a workshop given by a Peruvian Shaman who was also touring America proclaiming ancient Peruvian Truths.


Much of the day was spent with lengthy descriptions of various ways to induce the right brain state, but not actual practice in them.  CRV is far more practical and compelling.  The principle of CRV is that no specific altered state of consciousness needs to be engaged, as the right and left brain are functioning and giving input all the time.  So for CRV, there is only the process of sorting and organizing all mental thoughts, pictures, etc.

In spiritual terms, this could be described as realizing that God is always talking to you, that the faint sound of the Universe is always present, you only have to learn to recognize it.

Kahuna Jim then re-emphasized the main point of CRV: what he calls “truthful honesty”, for the remote viewer means “objectify all data”. This sounds easy, but it isn’t.  To fulfill this rule, you have to say outloud everything you are thinking, even those half formed thoughts, or faint impressions you are not sure are right, or meaningful, or coherent.  Often the greatest spiritual information is found by articulating half formed faint impressions of vague thougths and insights that you are certain are wrong!

Kahuna Jim teaches that everything, as far as you can see and feel is within (your mind).  This is the same principle as CRV.

He then emphasizes the concept of “top down causation”, meaning that first comes the spirit, and then the brain.  The body, according to Kahuna Jim is not having a spiritual experience, but rather the spirit is having a body experience.

Lots of talk about how we need to be patient, that our society is sick, out of balance, etc.  Only by understanding ancient Hawaiin truths can our society come back into balance.  I was not very convinced by this.  If it is true that our society is out of balance, sick, etc, perhaps it would make more sense to tune into ancient Celtic Truths, or ancient African Truths, truths that would resonant with our own heritage!  We have recently learned that non-Africans are 5-10% Neanderthal, so perhaps we need to re-learn ancient Neanderthal truths.  But White/African/Hispanic America may not resonate well with ancient Hawaiin truths.

In addition, I think many Americans might also be puzzled by Kahuna Jim’s insight that Jesus was a funny Dude.  I told my friend Cheyanne Luzader, who is head of Integrative Medicine at Beebe Hospital here in Delaware, that she needs to go on the road to Hawaii, proclaiming to them the wisdom and values inherent in ancient Lower Slower Delaware truths!

I did bring the Random Number Generator to the healing sessions.  The various healing sessions by lay healers, untrained, did not effect the data stream of the RNG at all.  In contract, Reiki sessions will quiet the electronic emmisions of the device and stop the electronic noise coming from it in a highly significant way.

I find it interesting that CRV, developed by the military, embodies the same principles as Lomilomi, developed by Hawaiin shamans.  Kahuna Jim is an authentic Hawaiin Shaman, and is linked to a long line of Shamans.  It confirmed by opinion that the military remote viewers are our society’s Shamans.  We are uneasy that such spiritual knowledge seems to be used for warfare and military purposes, yet that is the tradition use of Shamanic practices from ancient times.

I have a certificate, and am a Formal Lomilomi healer, although I haven’t tried to heal anyone with it as yet.  We paid the Kahuna Jim by check, and several weeks later learned that the check bounced! (we didn’t do this on purpose, it just happened) So it turns out the Universe is a pretty funny place after all.

(Click here for Kahuna Jim’s Website)

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Carbon Dioxide and NDEs


Melvin L Morse MD (

Reasearchers from Slovenia published in Critical Care Medicine (April 2010) a nicely done prospective study of near death experiences.  They documented that patients who had NDEs, as compared to control patients who did not have NDEs, had higher levels of carbon dioxide in their blood stream.  They suggest that elevated carbon dioxide levels might be a cause of the near death experience.  They are cautious to acknowledge that this does not invalidate the experience.  They are only postulating a mechanism for it. (Click here to read article) Please note they were kind enough to reference my articles, so I, of course, think they are very smart.

My quick and dirty response is that of course patients who have near death experiences are going to have higher CO2 levels in their bloodstream.  Those are the patients who are closer to death and in turn more likely to have the experience.  The near death experience, is, of course, the dying experience.  High CO2 levels would be a correlation, but not the cause of the experience.

However, there is more to this story, so read on for one of the more bizarre tales in medical history. I personally spoke with Dr. Arthur Atkinson, Chairman of the Department of Gastroenterology at Northwestern University School of Medicine, to get this story. (He is now at the NIH)


“The brevity of treatment will make this therapy so inexpensive that even poor patients can afford it. It will be a new and satisfactory treatment used widely by General Practionners” -Medune

In the late 1950s, a group of prestigious physicians at Northwestern University School of Medicine did a study unprecendented in medical history.  They administered to patients a potentially fatal combination of carbon dioxide gas.  They used this to successfully treat a wide variety of psychiatric and even physical illnesses such as peptic ulcers.  They were convinced that they would revolutionize psychiatry; patients would be cured of even the most troubling psychiatric disorders with only 2-3 in office treatments with the gas!

The patients received brief treatments, during which time they lost consciousness, had a vivid sense of nearly dying, and even a life review.  They received complete pre- and post-treatment evaluations including extensive psychiatric and psychological profiles.  Their resultant transformation  was carefully compared to a control group of patients who breathed the harmless gas nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

The lead researcher, Laso Medune, as well as Arthur Atkinson, believed that the mixture worked by causing a cessation in brain activity.  They documented that the mixture cured anxiety disorders, depression, and even ulcers.  They documented many cures from schizophrenia.  Over 1000 patients were treated with the mixture with excellent results.

Arthur Atkinson Medune Mixture Near Death Experiences

Arthur Atkinson Jr, son of Professor Atkinson who developed the Medune Mixture

I also spoke with Professor Yacorzynski, also one of the lead researchers.  He also reported that the mixture was extremely safe and very effective.  He said that the only reason that the treatments were discontinued was because of hostility from the medical establishment that something so simple could actually work.


Absolutely.  The descriptions given by subjects of the Medune Studies were exactly like those who describe near death experiences.  One patient stated: “after the second breath of the mixture, came an onrush of color and design, rushing towards me, engulfing me, and leaving me breathless.  I felt separated from my body, my soul being drawn apart from the physical body.  I left Earth and reached a communion with (god) causing great relaxation and a sense of security.  Throughout the entire experience, I felt the Greater Spirit smiling on me, indulgently, and I pressed close to its warmth and tender strength.  I had no need to worry.”

Nor did this patient ever worry about death or anxiety again.  She was cured of severe depression and anxiety.

Remember that these studies took place in the 1950s, long before near death experiences became a household name.  The researchers did not make an association between their discovery and NDEs.

When I spoke with Arthur Atkinson, he told me with sadness that his father (Arthur Atkinson Sr.) never lived to learn about near death experiences and possible associations between his discoveries and the transformation of the NDE.  He had a long and prestigious career, but always felt sadness that his dream that anyone could afford and be transformed by the Medune Mixture did not come to pass.

I asked Dr. Atkinson Jr. if he believed the mixture worked.  He laughed and said, “well, we had a close family friend who was a pretty good sailor.  But after he was treated with the Medune Mixture, he went on to be a World Class Competitor in sailing and racing.  I would say it worked!”.

So, of course patients with high CO2 levels had NDEs in the Critical Care Medicine Study.  High levels of CO2 clearly induce the experience and all its benefits.  We need to bring back the Medune Mixture.

Melvin L Morse MD



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My Personal “Proof” of God

Melvin L Morse MD (

My Mentor, Frank Oski MD, at Johns Hopkins once told me of a miracle that happened to him: He then said, “I don’t expect you to believe my miracle story.  I do ask that you be aware of the ordinary miracles in your every day life”.

I would like to share with all of you a true miracle that happened to me tonight.  I don’t mean some sort of touchy feely, “oh look at the sunset”.  I mean a true miracle that violated the ordinary rules of nature.  Like most miracles, it was small, insignificant, and only has meaning for me.

It is easy to experience such miracles. Be very still and be aware of this amazing Universe we live in.  Be humble, and realize that much of our view of reality is created by our mind.  We are bombarded with millions of bits of information every second, through our five senses.  In order to make sense of this world, to learn the lessons of love we are mandated to learn, we must create a reality out of only a small portion of the total Universe there is to experience.

When I speak of “being still and aware”, I don’t mean act like some Guru or white robe chanting New Age priest.  I mean, be yourself, know who you are. In turn, you will learn to tune out the “noise” that your own personality creates, and you will hear and see many other wonders of the Universe.

People often ask me how can I remote view when I sit with Pauline in our living room, with the hum of the refrigerator, and the bubbling of the fish tanks.  Those are part of our lives, we listen carefully to them, we don’t screen or filter them out.  We have learned what they sound like, so that we can hear the chirping of the birds, or the bubbling of a brook at the site of a remote target.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a loud boisterous person. I have ADHD to the max, and live a full and tumultuous life.  I have virtually every problem you can imagine, all the big PROBLEM catagories, angry ex-wifes, ungrateful teenagers, IRS issues, pissed off Superior Court Judges, back stabbing colleagues I have alienated, research associates who are mad, hiding research data, and trying to publish behind my back.

So you can imagine the inner roar of internal noise, my left brain is an intellectual blast furnace, endlessly anticipating problems, churning out and discarding possible solutions, and creating problems.

I make no effort to quiet this internal noise. Instead, I learn to understand it, be in harmony with it, recognize it in all its dysfunctional glory!  In doing so, I am well prepared to hear the faint “ding” of the Universe, that often heralds a  miracle or an angel.


I went for a bike ride tonight, and encountered proof of god’s mischief and fun in my life.  I was giving my Phillies-Red Sox game tickets to my office Nurse as we are going camping this weekend.  I called her to arrange for giving her the tickers.  I left a message on her phone to call me, but not for an hour or so, as I was listening to tonight’s game on the radio while riding my bike.

So, of course, she called me right in the middle of the game!  I was so mad. My phone doubles as a radio station, so I had to turn off the game to get her call.  I said to her “Linda, I told you not to call me during my bike ride. Now for sure something great will happen while we are talking, and I will miss it (on the radio).”  We quickly agreed where we would meet the next day so I could give her the tickets.

But it was too late.  I put on my headphones, tuned in the radio, and Jason Werth had already hit a 2 run home run.  I called Linda back and said “see, god hates me.  The one time that you call, of course, was the time it interrrupted the game, and I missed out on the most exciting part.”

She laughed and said, “oh Dr. Morse, of course God doesn’t hate you”.  God loves everyone.  That was just a coincidence, or just bad luck. “hummph,” I replied, I wish I had never promised to give you those tickets.

I got back on my bike and put on my headphones and resumed listening to the game.  It is important at this point to know that I was listening to the game on my Iphone.  I was fuming about Linda and why she was so rude to call me during my bike ride especially since I was doing her husband a favor.

Suddenly I heard “and Jason Werth has just crushed that pitch, it’s going, going, gone to the second deck, a massive home run”.  That was my faint ding.  I was riding my bike, dealing with cars coming too close to the bicycle lane, thinking about why my office nurse was so rude, and yet still heard the game.

“That’s odd”, I thought.  Werth just hit a home run. Could it be another home run?  I got off my bike and looked at my Iphone.  Somehow, the audio part of the game was turned off.  The video replays were on, and there was a replay of Werth hitting his homerun over and over again. 

This could not have been some accidental malfunction, or somehow I pressed the wrong series of buttons.  To get from the audio portion to the video replay portion takes about 4 distinct steps.

For me, this was a miracle, a message from god. I jokingly said “god hates me” because I had missed that very play.  Suddenly my Iphone was playing the video replay of that very play, over and over again.  Had I not been listening, aware, even in traffic, bike riding, all the problems I was dealing with that day, I was even served a sub poena in a Court case earlier, my playful “fight” with my nurse, all of that, and yet I heard it: “something was odd, different”.

I could easily have missed this miracle.  I was only a few minutes from home.  I could have just become lost in thought, tuned out the game, arrived home and never realized that god was trying to have some fun with me.  Teach me a lesson in a playful way.

I know this miracle seems trivial.  For others, it is not proof of anything.  Just a malfunction in my Iphone.

For me, this miracle was so powerful, that I sank to my knees and prayed to a god I don’t believe in.  I cried out in joy and in astonishment, “thank you god.  I am the least of your believers, I don’t even believe in you or lead a spiritual life.  And yet you took a moment to play a game with me. Let your will be done in my life.”

And then I rode home. 


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